Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Has the COV-19 affect shipping at this time?

     A. At this time we are still shipping. Unfortunately local Post Offices in many cities are short staffed and therefore are delayed in delivering packages to customers. For this reason we have been asked to ship in waves to prevent loss items.

Q. How do I know what size I wear?

     A. We provide a sizing chart in our menu bar and within majority of the products we have a sizing chart specifically for that product. 

Q. How do I wash my Waist Trainer?

     A. We suggest that you use a mild detergent and water to whip down product and air dry. We DO NOT suggest putting in dryer as this with cause they material to deteriorate.

Q. Does the CurvyButFit Products run small?

     A. No, our sizing chart is true to size according to waist measurements.

Q. Will my CurvyButFit Waist Trainer reduce belly fat?

    A. YES! Our Waist Trainers are built with high quality material that increases and traps body heat to the abdomen area and burns belly fat.

Q. How long should I wear my CurvyButFit Waist Trainer to see results?

   A. Results may vary depending on lifestyle, but typically we suggest to wear a minimum of 6 hours thefirst 3 days.

Q. Can I workout in my CurvyButFit Waist Trainer?

   A. Yes you can workout in any CurvyButFit Waist Trainer, but we suggest that you use the workout specific waist trainer (i.e. Thermal or Belt, etc) to maximize your results.

Q. Can I sleep in my CurvyButFit Waist Trainer?

   A. We DO NOT encourage sleeping in your waist trainer to prevent skin irritation from the excessive moisture that is produced while in use.

Q. How soon can I begin wearing my CurvyButFit Trainer after giving birth?

   A. We recommend that you consult your physician first; once medically cleared; you may begin as soon as you feel physically ready.